Teach English in HuanghuA Zhen - Changsha Shi

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As teachers, the set and setting we create for our students is instrumental in how well they process, digest and ultimately define their relationship with all aspects of the English Language. Defined as the physical, mental, social and environmental context that an individual brings into an experience, we must consider the set and setting we provide every student on day 1 inside the classroom. This online ITTT TEFL course has provided us with a host of ways to motivate, encourage, inspire and continue to build an atmosphere that is both relaxed and creative in the same sense. Whether students are arriving on day 1 as a New or Existing Group it is important to put the course books aside and direct our focus towards establishing rapport and building a quality teacher-student relationship that is mutually beneficial to the needs and aspirations of the student. We have "Pass the Ball" games, "Tell Us About" board games, Questionnaires and Surveys at our disposal to ease students into the process of learning while familiarizing themselves with the English Language and getting a feel for the positive demeanor of their new teacher in the process. Its is important that we don't shy away from making fun of ourselves during this process to keep the classroom-vibe both light and lively from the start. Naturally, a Beginner student will make mistakes as they are being introduced to the English Language, however, we don't want to be too quick to correct, reprimand and/or create a negative feeling of disappointment. This is simply an opportunity to build confidence within the class and prove to the "Reluctant Student" that this a place of creative learning where making mistakes is how we create a new opportunity to learn. While it is important for teachers to stay up-beat, encouraging, energetic and fun, we cannot expect to take on the task of motivating each student with our personality alone. We must invest our time into the physical setting of the classroom. The environment we create should be full of color, cartoons, maps, motivational quotes and class drawings to provide an uplifting atmosphere. A stale room with grey walls, no natural light and a black board will work against the up-beat and open environment we want to provide. Putting together a vibrant classroom can have positive effects both mentally and physically when students need that extra "lift" during the Study Phase of each lesson. A teachers preparation before each class is another essential part of creating a calm and productive set and setting for the student. We saw this clearly in the video lessons during Unit 10. We must stay ahead of the curve in our lesson planning, knowledge of that days subject, working teacher aids and IWB training to prevent a student body that feels rushed, confused or unclear within any phase of the ESA Method. Technology has come a long way in today's English Class and we must utilize these new cutting edge ways to keep the students interested and engaged. While this may cut down on the amount of time spent writing out the days lesson plan, we must invest this time familiarizing ourselves with the content and anticipate any language problems that may arise with their use. Prior-preparation prevents poor performance, and a pore performance in front of your students will loose the trust you've worked so hard to build by administering the tools I've shown in the above. As I've shown, we cannot overlook the pivotal role that both set and setting plays for each student and the classroom as a whole. While grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and tense phrases are the nuts and bolts of what we provide each student motivated to learn the English Language, it's the motivation itself that will ultimately decide its impact on each student. This online TEFL course has provided the confidence and working knowledge all teachers of a foreign language must incorporate into their classroom as they embark on the beautiful challenge of spreading the English Language across the globe.