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Education is a core part of our life through socialization process from birth to death. It affects a person’s capacity and thinking about defining what is right and what is wrong and also provides us to critise the information which is taught by community, family, school and so on. Moreover, there are many alternative paths to get an education in every age. We will examine the child’s age and effects of the parent’s role about developing theirselves. Every children have various learning styles all around the world because who have kinds of intellectual capacity, society, family, different conditions in own. The evaluation of learning and teaching process start with parents. Firstly, they learn about different things at home from their parents who become the first educator of their children. After that, they look at things and observe them with their parental background. Therefore, the impact of the family is extremely important for them to analyse and understand in a deeper interaction. As we figure out from this explanation, the child’s development has been started with by family influence. Secondly, the institutionalisation of learning is that school which impress the child about engaging previous information. In addition, It contributes to increase their potential about learning activities. The main issue is that when the process of education keeps going, what is the role of parent’s during this time? Some parents think that the role of teacher is to teach their students not only their lesson but also want from them to work as a psychological counsellor and parents but , as a teacher, it can not be possible to complete every necessity of children. Furthermore, the basic point to remind to a parent’s role in children’s learning is critical to their academic achievement. They have the essential contributing factors about raising their success. Considered broadly, the meaning of education expands in terms of parent’s role because which not only consist of school achievement but also beyond school success, parents have to affect their child in connection with social skills, manners, capacity, social adaptation and so forth. When parents support and encourage their child about learning activities, their behaviours are improved. Thus, the reason why their social adaptation is increasing day by day. This effective parental encouragement is also raised the children belief of education in itself and also no matter they aware of or not, these behaviours redefine the functions and importance of education for children. Those help them to understand the prominence of accomplisment the school. As a result of parents and school collaboration provide a positive impact in every part of his or her life. Especially, the school successes are increasing such as; higher grades, acceptance of high level programs, high test scores, advanced classes, better adaptation, improved behaviour, increased social capital etc. To sum up, partnership between parents and schools create conditions about maximising learning activities more tellingly. The parents role in education is the starting point for children development both socially and academically which complete to each other in relations. Lack of parental involvement to educate from as we called the one of the reason, this happens the accepting the not good results of actions in terms of both parents and school. In this situation, not only affect the from these two side but also affecting the society and culture in relation to interaction and integration.