Teach English in SAnkou Zhen - Changsha Shi

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Within the teaching environment there are a number of effective ways to transfer your knowledge and ideals across to other people. One of these methods is by using flashcards, within this essay you will see five effective ways of using flashcards to engage others into learning English. The first flashcard activity is called memory, carrying out this method not only allows others to learn the words but it is also a great way to train your memory and increase cognitive development. Within the memory activity you will have a set number of flashcards visible, then you will get the learner to turn around whilst you either turn a flashcard over or remove a flashcard. The learner must then use their memory to figure out which flashcard is missing and then recall what that flashcard is. Another excellent flashcard activity is setting up an obstacle course for the learners, for example having rings that the learners must jump into to get to the other side and then use the utensils available to tap the correct flashcard. By carrying out this activity you allow learners to have a sense of competitiveness, with this learner are more likely to try harder because they want to be better than their peers. With this activity as well you generate a form of fitness for the learners too even if it is a small obstacle course. Another exciting activity for the learners to carry out with the flashcards is the hammer game, for this activity it requires two learners to use a toy hammer to hit the flashcard that is spoken by the teacher. With this activity you can score it with a best of five, this again encourages the competitive side of learners because they want to be better than their peers and earn the rewards at the end of the lesson. There are so many different types of activities that you can carry out but a popular one is the hop activity, with this activity the flashcards are placed into a line and the learners will stand in front of all the flashcards and wait for the teacher to say one of the cards, when this is done the learners will then jump or hop to the correct flashcard, this again encourages not only the competitiveness but also the fitness side of the game too. Finally the fifth activity that can be carried out with flashcards is a game of musical chairs, this is a fantastic way of involving all learners if you have a small group. It is a great way of making a lesson very entertaining for the learners because it involves music, moving around, competitiveness and also knowledge. For this activity place a number of chairs in a circle equal to the number of leaners minus one, by doing this it allows for one learner to be left standing when the music stops, that learner then has to recall the flashcard that is shown. Once the flashcard has been recalled you remove one more chair and repeat the process until there is only one learner remaining. There are so many effective flashcard activities but these are seen to be the activities which the learners really enjoy the most and seem to become more involved with the lesson when they are carried out.