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By studying in a group, students work together towards common goals. Teaching groups can take different forms depending on the age and level of the class. Thanks to the pedagogical freedom available to a teacher, he/she can use the method which seems the most effective, according to the skills and knowledge that he/she wishes to acquire for the students he/she has in front of him/her. The following essay takes a look at Teaching groups. The role of the teacher is to instruct the students but also to educate them. Indeed, the teacher is used to be the conductor, he /she also directs the class and has established a class organization from the start of the course. The responsibility lies with the teacher to stimulate the learning process, to help students express their ideas and explain their conceptions. The teacher's role should be that of a patient facilitator. He/she gives the needed instructions to the students, allow them to make mistakes and show how mistakes can be beneficial. For group work to be effective, the teacher needs a homogeneous communication network; in which each learner is required to interact with the others. The working materials, information, elements or data necessary for the development of the lesson must be prepared in such a way that its realization requires in itself the participation of everyone; and that this involvement is a means of achieving the objective that the teacher had planned to reach. Studying in a group allows the students to share their knowledge so that they deepen them and thus, they gain confidence. Exchanges are acclaimed; in this case, communication becomes a source of enrichment. They will interact more with each other. This will give students the opportunity to observe but also to compare their different points of view. Using these interactions, students will progress more consciously and therefore more effectively. This allows the progression of each student within the group. The other advantage of the teaching group is that the class is more dynamic and fun; activities can be done in many ways such as playing games or work in pairs. Better use of time (dialogue, educational, methodological advice, tutoring)due to the group dynamics mentioned above. The teacher has a new role as a mediator. Here are some negative points worth noting: First, there may be one of the students does not learn as fast as the whole group member, the teacher will have to slow the group down to re-explain things to this member. The whole group may end up falling behind, it may cause a student’s resistance. Furthermore, more quiet or shy people may not feel comfortable expressing themselves and their ideas with a group, and the biggest mistake is forgetting about these particular group members. At last, when a student does not feel as intelligent as the other students, he/she will allow the group to do all the work for fear of being mocked. This can come from his inability to communicate with his peers. With these two last cases, the teacher will have to show his/her determination figure to find a way to make sure that everyone is involved. Taking everything into consideration, trying to get people in a group to work together can be very strenuous and a teacher has to use methodology and strategy to deal with this issue. A good relationship student-teacher makes students feel comfortable in and it encourages them to participate cooperatively. At the same time, if everyone cooperates towards success, there is nothing better. This is the aim of the teachers.