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1st Language and 2nd Language Acquisition First of all, I want to focus on the concepts of acquisition and teaching before explaining the concepts of first and second language acquisition. As you know, people acquire the language with the support of biological competence (hearing organ, congenital language ability and speech organ), thanks to natural language inputs from birth. However, there is only one thing we missed in this process. that's the environmental factor. The child who born into a certain environment, internalizes the language from birth to the age of thirteen years, depending on the environmental factor. The intent of internalizing here is completely natural. Perception is far ahead of production in this process. For example, babies can understand everything but cannot speak, it is the best example of this. The child, who produces his first words with the development of biological competence from the age of three, is the best example of language acquisition in the literature. People who undergo the process until the critical period by being exposed to the second language are raised as bilingual individuals. This process varies depending on the official languages of some countries. For example, a child born and raised in Belgium may not be able to acquire Turkish as their mother tongue, although their parents' mother tongue is Turkish. Speaking Turkish at home in context is important in this case. At this point, second language acquisition comes into play. While the child receives the language which is spoken at home as a natural input, he naturally acquires the second language that he hears from the environment at school and outside the world. As a result, bilingual individuals emerge. Today, the newest example of this is the Turkish population in Germany, which migrated in the 1960s, and Turkish children in Germany are among the most vivid examples of the second language acquisition. We made a clear comparison of the first language and second language concepts and their teaching and acquisition relations above. Teaching and acquisition are two different areas. Generally, while the first language appears as acquisition, although we call it the second language, teaching has an effect of ninety percent in the second language. The main reason for this is that the language of instruction in schools and the language of the outside world collides with the mother tongue, except for parents’ language. I want to go beyond my limit and want to give an example. My personal opinion is that if you are not over the age of thirteen and live in a context (country, city) with a multiple language input, I believe you may have more than one mother tongue. I can explain this as follows: You can obtain multiple languages of the same quality in the context of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is also an indicator of how cultural wealth you have and how open-minded you are. Based on this, we can conclude that language acquisition has a positive effect on human life. It has virtually no negative effects on human life. With Kind Regards Hatice