Teach English in Zhiqian Zhen - Changzhou Shi

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From my experience, and reflections learnt from my own struggles to one day becoming a successful TEFL teacher, a lesson plan should always be prepared in advance for any lesson that you will be teaching. An experienced and new TEFL teacher should always implement the lesson planning process as the first and most important phase before he/she enters any classroom. This technique will allow the lecturer, as well as the students to become familiar with the process, whilst learning, allowing a smoother outcome of the teacher - student confrontation. This helps increase the teacher's knowledge on the course that needs to be taught, thus assisting the teacher in finding ways to incorporate the lesson in his/her own best method, making each lesson original , leading to the students better understanding. The following lesson plans are a few techniques that I would incorporate in my lesson planning. After completing the TEFL course, I have learnt that each and every classroom has some kind of board or flipchart, of all work that is intended to be used to teach students, either a board or flipchart should always be planned out on a piece of paper before entering the classroom. This process allows the teacher to bring to life what they have in their mind , down on a piece of paper. Boards are more preferred than chalk boards, as it is less messy and easier to write , draw and stick things on.This planning process aids in having a less busy board (relevant information only) . We would also know which information should stand out for students by highlighting a word or writing it in a different colour. This gives the students a better understanding of what they are copying from the board as I know from the TEFL course that I completed, students tend to copy all that you have written on the board. In this lesson plan we aim to maintain a simple form of text, which involves excluding the use of too many capitalized letters. In my point of view, after studying the TEFL course I have found visual aids, being the most beneficial method to help students, who have difficulty in focusing on theoretical work. Some of the reasons why I prefer using this method is because it reduces teacher talking time, it gives the students more understanding by illustrating meaning of the topic more effectively and efficiently. Visual aids helps in bringing the outside world into the classroom in a more fun and interesting manner. As I have learnt in the TEFL course, by using visual aids it attracts attention from the students and helps them remember the lesson being taught. I believe that Visual aids helps with allowing the students to interact with one another thus allowing students to engage in discussions with one another, which leads to them feeling confident and motivated to have a discussions with one another in English. Lessons in this sense, allows the teacher to bring to life what they wish to teach on a piece of paper, thus creating a more positive, fun and interactive lesson with each other, as the teacher would have a good sense of knowledge about what is about to taught, leading to the teacher providing students with a clear understanding on the specific lesson intended to be taught. Worksheets and work cards assists in summarizing a lesson into points, showing only the important points intended to be taught. As I have learnt from the TEFL course, these may include making cards for students to interact with one another by role play exercises , work cards can be used for reading and grammar exercises , making it easier for the students to pronounce words, thus boosting their confidence in speaking English. By doing this lesson plan , teachers are able to rewrite what needs to be taught into summarize, thus helping the students remember the lesson better. In conclusion, based on what I have learnt from the TEFL course, I believe that lesson planing is the first and most vital part in the teaching process. By incorporating a lesson plan into your teaching method, you are able too fully understand what you are about to teach. Lesson planning creates a positive environment for both student and teacher interaction. I believe that as a successful teacher I would be able to foresee most aspects of students weakness's, thus lesson planning will motivate me as a teacher to encourage students and motivate them to work to the best of their ability,