Teach English in Zhixi Zhen - Changzhou Shi

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As the most widely used language in the world, English plays a higher and higher role in China's education system. In order to adapt to the development of education in modern society, English education for all ages has gradually become an important task.As a result, parents begin to pay more and more attention to this subject, and children's English education has become a social hot spot. The advantage of the online one-to-one mode is that you can learn anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and fast, and you can plan your study time independently. What’s more, the online one-to-one tutoring can shape a good language environment, which conducive to learning English skills. And the teacher can guide the students focus on their weakness of English effectively. So how to do well on online children's English education? Different from mature students, children cannot focus on one task for a long time and are easily distracted, so interest is the best teacher for learning English. if a child is interested in the content of the learning materials, they will learn English faster. So how to make the child's interest in learning to guide them is a key problem for teachers. Therefore, to cultivate children's ability to concentrate, we should pay attention to the gamification and diversification of teaching forms to avoid boring teaching. In addition, different teachers also have their own unique skills, and the comprehensive use effect is better. Through my online teaching experience, I have summarized the following methods for your reference.And there are some recommended interesting games for teaching children online: 1.Listening for letters and words This is a game that trains students to identify letters and words that sound alike.Teachers can write letters and words that are easily mispronounced on small pieces of paper and display them on the screen.Then name a letter or word that sounds easy to mix, such as G and J,bad and bed. Let the children guess which letter or word the teacher said, write it down and show it to the teacher.This not only exercise listening, and improve the ability to spell words.It helps to remember and master words quickly.Each correct answer is rewarded with a small paper heart as encouragement. 2.Speaking and expression game The teacher prepared some pictures which show some characters and things then display them on the screen. Let the children choose a picture of a character and some pictures of things. Then the teacher say some sentences related to the character and things the pictures show. After that, let the children listen to the sentences and choose the pictures of character and things they have heard. And further game is let the children imitate the teacher making and saying a sentence related to the pictures by themselves.This game help students improve their grammar and expression skills. 3.Painting game The teacher shows some colors and the shapes on the screen and give some instructions to let the children color in the correct shape.This game promote children's recognition of words such as colors and shapes and improve children's perception of color and beauty. As children learn more and more, they can gradually develop some new learning courses. Reading English stories, watching English cartoons and reading English are all very good. In a word, we should make full use of children's time and learn English through fun.