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Observing teaching practice is becoming more and more important day by day in school teaching. Talking about the observing teaching practice, it can be divided into two parts. One is the manager observing teacher’s classes and the other one is teacher observing other teacher’s or manager’s classes. But both of them have the following similar advantages. First of all, the observation is quite essential for the teachers who deliver the class. Not all the teachers are perfect. There are two groups of teachers that probably need observation. (1)The brand new teachers may not be that familiar with the teaching method, teaching skills, rapport establishing, lesson planning, class managing, the usage of course materials and even the problem solving. They might need help from the experienced teachers or leaders to to give them suggestions. They can get a lot of useful teaching experience which can be helpful for their future teaching. (2)Some teachers who have been working for a long time could be bored with the job. They don’t have passion in work especially teaching the same classes. Therefore, observation is a good tool to encourage and inspire them. Secondly, there are also some good points for the observer. The observer could be a manager or a trainer. Neither of them teach as many classes as the current teachers. Because of that, they couldn’t practice their teaching skills and get to know what the student’s needs. In this situation regular observation can make a big difference. It is a good opportunity for the managers and trainers to review every single teaching technique in the classroom and maybe learn some creative ideas. In my company, our manager is supposed to do the teaching observation regularly and fill a detailed form about our performance. After the observation, he needs to deliver the strengths and the weaknesses that we need to pay attention to. Normally we can have some constructive suggestions to take away. After that, the students can also get benefit from the observed class. On the one hand, students might be a little bit nervous when there is a stranger or leader sitting in the corner with an observation form in hand. However they all paid more attention to the class and even did a better job than usual. On the other hand, student’s feedback can help us to make progress step by step. We interview the students who had finished the observed classes to get the feedback. As a result of that, students can see that we are caring about them and they will be more confident in their further study. One of my students told me that she was surprised by the observation and believed that she made a right choice. Last but not least, the class quality can be guaranteed. Regularly observing is an effective way to ensure the class quality. High quality classes can bring a good reputation to our company which can get us more students easily. Furthermore, it can also reduce the complaints we might have. If students are satisfied with the classes they had there won’t be lots of complaints. Observation has been playing an increasingly important role in teaching. According to what I mentioned above, it is not hard to draw a conclusion that observing teaching practice is vital and important.