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Parents Role in Education Kids education starts from home. Parents are their first teachers and they have a key role in shaping up their character. A balance of education at home and school moulds a students actual learning. – http://www.edsys.in – Far too many parents – and not just disadvantaged ones- simply don’t give a damn. – Ms Anne C. Walde and Mr Keith Baker As teachers’ in the classroom we can only succeed and teach our students to the full of their ability if we have the support of a student’s parents. Parents are responsible for their children’s physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. Before we can understand a parent’s role in education we need to breakdown the ways in which parents can play a role in the education of their children: (I will be using the education of English as an examples below.) • Be a role model: For an L2 student to succeed in English the parents need to set the example by also learning English and showing their child how important it is. – Lead by example -John Baldoni- • Read together: When reading together it will become “bonding” time which your child will then cherish and see as a positive activity. Set time aside for children they need it as much as you do. • Oversee your child’s activities – If you as a parent do not assist in getting your child to do their work at home and hold them accountable then how will teachers get them to do anything in the classroom? Prepare kids for tests, monitor kids learning, etc. • No over scheduling: If students have too much on their plate this can lead to them being overwhelmed, tired and start to look negatively at all the activities. If you as a parent want your child to learn English let them master that then you can add another language, but imagine how confused a 6 year old will be speaking Thai at home, Thai and English at school and then English and Chinese lessons after school, we need to always ask ourselves how we would feel in their shoes. • Provide a pleasant atmosphere: Happy attracts happy, relaxed attracts relaxed and positive attracts positive. Help children relax. • Give constructive criticism: We want students to speak English and learn from their mistakes, not be too scared to say anything as they fear being shouted at, laughed at, etc. Speaking is a vital key in the development of the English language. Reward children/ students for good results and praise for work preformed even if not at desired level yet. • Go for educational trips: This is a great confidence booster, bonding activity and a way to assist children in seeing the fun side of learning for example take your child to see an English movie, take your child to their favourite restaurant but they must order in English, etc. English can be great fun given the opportunity. Devise fun ways to learn with your children at home. • Maintain parent teacher relationships: Teachers need help in order to grow the minds of children, parents lay the foundation and then teachers build the block alongside parents to ensure progress, success and development. Parents need to be to be at meetings, be reachable in the event a matter needs to be discussed, if there is homework help ensure this is completed at home where you are the teacher until school starts again. Prioritize your child’s learning career/path. • Be a good friend and talk to your child in English. • Ensure healthy sleep habits for both yourself and your child. The above are just a few of the many roles can be discussed. A role is also not just something parents should tick off their to do list parents need to ensure their involvement is quality versus quantity.