Teach English in Sunjiawan Zhen - Chaoyang Shi

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Unit 12 is a very nice topic to learn. I started to know the reasons why people communicate in a form of speaking and writing. I also understood that proper combination of activities would enhance accuracy and fluency level of the students in the said productive skills. Activities like drills, guided role-play, model dialogues, discussion, debates, simulations, and communication games were just some of the commonly used activities in speaking lesson. The main role of the teacher is to encourage the students to speak with confidence without any fear of making mistakes. Common techniques were also taught such as pair-work, group-work and the like. Aside from teaching how to enhance the student's speaking skills, this unit also discussed the factors to consider on teaching writing skill such as the teacher has to check the handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation. Overall, it is very informative and very useful to me as a future English teacher.