Teach English in Taipingzhuang Zhen - Chaoyang Shi

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This unit focus on productive skills, speaking and writing and how to create a lesson for that. It's important to bare in mind that while writing requires a bigger degree of accuracy, speaking on the other hand will require more fluency. Both are equally important but depending on witch stage of the lesson teachers will be focusing on fluency(activate phase) or accuracy (study phase). In a speaking lesson there are three different kind of speaking activities: controlled, guided and creative. In what concerns to writing activities teachers need to have in consideration the subs-kills and their possible issues like handwriting(personal and its importance to practice), spelling (english not being a phonetic language can create problems for all levels) and finally punctuation (some languages have different or no punctuation at all). Writing is more formal than speaking and more difficult, plus students have more interest improving their speaking skills than their writing skills. It's the teacher's duty to involve the students and arouse their interest by stimulating them by creating interesting activities. There are plenty of interesting games to help with that!