Teach English in Taohuatu Zhen - Chaoyang Shi

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Speaking and writing are considered the productive skills of a language. Writing is often neglected in English language classes. The push in many courses is for conversational English to be taught. Although I support this theory, as it would be what students need in order to travel to an English speaking country, writing skills are also important. If for nothing else than writing deepens your understanding of a language. Accuracy is focused on eliciting correct language. Fluency is meant to allow students to be creative and experiment. Accuracy based activities are controlled. For example, 3 by 3 drilling. This means that you say the word and ask the class to repeat it then choose a specific student to repeat it alone. Fluency based activities are more creative, such as role play and debate. Writing skills focus on handwriting, layout and punctuation, and spelling. Creative writing is a useful tool. It requires that the students use expansive language while also practicing the basics of writing.