Teach English in Xiafu Jingji Kaifaqu - Chaoyang Shi

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This unit is about teaching productive skills. Productive skills are speaking and writing skills. Both skills are used to communicate. In order to make a communicative activity successful, the teacher should create the students' need and desire to communicate. Speaking activities can be divided into 2 categories according to the aims of the activities, i.e. accuracy activities and fluency activities. Both are equally important. Accuracy activities focus on the correct usage of grammar so the activities are usually controlled and guided by the teacher. Fluency activities focus on the flow of the communication rather than the accuracy. In a creative communication activity, the teacher shouldn't interrupt the flow by correcting all the errors right away but instead write down any errors made and provide feedback after the activity. When teaching writing skills, factors that should be considered are handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation. Writing activities can be categorized as either situational writing or creative writing. Examples of situational writing are writing a formal letter and email. Examples of creative writing are writing stories and poetry.