Teach English in Yangshan Zhen - Chaoyang Shi

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Unit 12 dealt with the productive skills of language, speaking and writing. From my own experience trying to learn languages, I have found that reading and writing were easier because I had time to process and plan out the words, however, speaking and hearing sometimes cane as a little more of a struggle. That is why it is so important that attention is given equally to each. When it comes to learning to write in the English language, I agree that it can be very difficult for learners because of factors like punctuation and spelling, which come with extra rules all of their own. English spelling is difficult when you have words that sound the same but are spelt different, or sound different but are spelt the same. These skills have to be acquired through a lot of practice and it is up to the teacher to find the best ways to connect the concepts with the students and engage them in ways that will help them remember.