Teach English in HuangshA Zhen - Chenzhou Shi

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As I have stated in the past units I often help my mother teach classes by speaking Chinese to the students and basically being a teachers assistant. however in specific cases she has me teach the class while she watches and gives me some sort of constructive criticism, as she knows that I want to be a teacher in the near future. so I often teach her classes for her therefore I have a good amount of personal teaching experience. for example, she has this class that's 6 little boys. they are around 5 to 6 years old and are easily the best class she has. I taught this class last week and it went amazing. I had the idea of bringing one of my Nerf guns to class and drawing a target on the board and having them take turns and shoot the board if they answered a question correctly. they all had a blast and loved it. then we went back to the lesson and they were better and more involved in the class than they were before the game. she also has a class that is a little older and has been in her classes for about a year now. this class is around 6 to 8 years old, and I believe there are 7 of them. they are really good kids but all they ever want to do is play games. she had me teach this class not to long ago because she wanted to see how I would handle a class that's a little harder to teach. so I went in thinking it was going to go horribly knowing that this class wasn't as good as the usual class she would have me teach, the kids only wanted to play a game and didn't want to participate unless we were doing an activity or playing a game. so I told the kids that the more they ask to play a game the longer I will play a game, I then wrote all of their names on the board and told them if everyone has 5 stars by the last 20 minutes of class then we could play a game. however if anyone has less than 5 stars or if they get 3 strikes than they ruin it for everyone and we wont play a game at all. my mother praised me for this because she hadn't ever thought about doing that and she said that the class went better for me than it ever went for her. after the class was just about done, we had 20 minutes left and I had made sure that they all had 5 stars because they were all really good. then I played go fish, and musical chairs with them and they loved it. musical chairs is something that my mother had never thought of in class, so it was something new and fun for the kids to play. the kids now go on about how they want me as their teacher and how they don't want to be in my mothers class anymore.