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A teacher in general is defined as someone who help others to acquire knowledge and other valued skills. Thus a teacher is the one who hold the most important position in the society because being it a president as well as those who are successful in the career in any discipline did so with the aid of the teacher. Today we can find lots of teachers in different works of live being it in the classroom or at work place trying to pass down knowledge to the learner. In everyday live we always try to ask the quality of a good teacher. From scholar's perspective a good teacher should be the one that's lively, caring, friendly, committed and above all a role model for the students to always look up to.Thus a good teacher should specialized in one field or the other and have full control of his/her classroom.Th teachers have some roles they have to play being it in class or the society as a whole. We will discus role of the teacher in details in the subsequent paragraphs. It should be noted that the 21st century classroom needs is very different from that of the 20th century. Most teachers take on a variety roles in the classroom one of them is that being a controller. The teacher is in complete charge of the class, what students do, what they say and how they say it. The teachers usually assume this role when a new language is being introduced and accurate reproduction and drilling techniques are needed. Thus, the teacher is mostly the center of focus. The teacher therefore act as a manager which requires him/her to set rules and coordinate the different tasks he assigned to students with his/her close supervision. Further more, another role of the teacher particularly in the classroom is that of being a prompter. Here, the teacher encourages students to participate and make suggestions about how to proceed in an activity and the teacher should be helping the students only when necessary. When students are literally "lost of words" the teacher being a prompter can encourage them by discreetly nudging students. Students can sometimes lose the thread or become unsure how to proceed the prompter in this regard can prompt but it should be but in a supportive way so to allow the students use their own personal initiative. Another role of the teacher particularly in the 21st century classroom is that of being an organizer. This is perhaps the most difficult and important role the teacher has to play. The success of many activities depends on good organisation and on the students knowing exactly what to do next. Thus, the teacher here in giving instruction is important in this role as well as setting up activities. The teacher being an organizer here can also serve as a demonstrator, this will allow the teacher to get involved and engaged with the learner. The teacher playing this role needs to open and neatly close activities as well as gives content feedback. Thus, once the teacher organizes the necessary activities for his/her students,the students will then get to know how to manage their time and will also be very conscious of what to do and at what time to carryout a particular activity. Another important role of the teacher is that of an assessor. The teachers assume this role to see how well the students are performing or how well they performed. From there, the teacher can now gets the feedback and the necessary correction are organized and carried out. There are varieties of ways to grade learners and the role of an assessor gives teachers an effective way to correct learners. Thus, the teacher has to communicate it sensitively so that it should not be counter productive to students self-esteem in learning the target language. The teacher here needs create a suitable learning relationship with his/her students so as to encourage open communication as well as free thinking with the students so as to make them feel positive. Furthermore, the role of the teacher is that he/she serve as a kind of walking resource center ready to offer help if needed, or provide learners with whatever language they lack when performing communicative activities. As a result the teacher must make her/himself readily available so that learners can consult her/him when its absolutely necessary. As a resource, the teacher can guide learners to use the available resources such as the internet so as to downside learners reliant on the teacher. Another important role of the teacher is that of a tutor.The teacher act like a coach when students are involved in project work or self study. The teacher in this situation will provide guidance and help students clarify ideas and limit task. This role makes the teacher to pay individual attention to a student thus it allow a teacher to tailor make a course to fit specific student needs. At times this role of the teacher can make feel so comfortable. Conclusively, it is worth saying that the role of the teacher is very important to the growth and development of learners. Regardless of the role the teacher assume, teacher's shape the culture of their classrooms, improve students' learning and influence practice and production. Thus, the roles of the teacher are never static.