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Education is said to be the most important factor for a man’s endeavour to build up his/her own legacy as a contemplation of his /her achievements of existence. In this computerized millennial competitive world, proper education lots of way to go ahead in the future. It makes a persons well prepare in terms struggles of competitiveness and social integration with intellect skills of belongingness and sound judgement to persevere morally. Every parents tells their kids the value of education as the living legacy for them that cannot be steal to anyone. They want to see their kids towards success which is only possible through a good and proper education that will sustain a relevance of proper caring and guiding them on their pursuit of knowledge as early as possible on their childhood days. Early education were started from home so to speak the first mentor or teacher was no other than their parents. At early age of their lives , they look their parents as a role model in obtaining of early childhood learning and development.Thus,parenting is also a part of integrating of basic education that can be learn from home like proper ethics and imposing discipline and obeying rules and guidelines. This simple gesture is a way of molding them to become a good individual in the future, grasping of what is the best on them as they will embark in the early age of proper education at school. Oftenly, parents reminded their kids from early childhood about the importance of education in the life and the advantage of it, to make their minds towards better study in the future. Some non-English speaking Countries, parents don’t want to speak their own native language rather they prefer to speak in English specially around their children so that this will enhance them to develop their language skills and in preparation for them to enter in early education. They believe that speaking English can give a greater benefits to excel in their studies once they formally start their education and convey the degree of communicating properly with any nationalities. Hence, parents role in education for their kids are an essential factor in determining how the person or students to grow or perform in the four corners of the classroom The student’s attitude and performance deepened mostly on the up bringing of a certain individuals as how the parents guide and motivate them on their early childhood for education basically started from home and have a great influence on their struggles was from their parents which give a greater impact on their behavioral approach as par as education is concern. Ultimately, education began at home. It is the important tool to changes one’s life. Indeed, it is a long process that improves one’s knowledge, gaining skills, develop personality and attitude that will brings the positive outcome in one potential as a person. However, some parents impose a forceful and dominant attitude towards their children influencing of what they want for their children to be and not what their children want in life specially in choosing a course to be taken. There is also some drawbacks while parents forcefully imposing the decision or insisting what parents want to be taken for their children like implying a legacy of to be a doctor or engineer in the family without further consideration to the side of students. This will hamper the essential learning process of the students for it will surely lose the eagerness to study and unmotivated due to less passion and interest of the course she or he may take. Parental involvement in student’s life is critical approached to children education. Beyond educational achievements or any factors that can gain by the student out of his/her own freewill is insignificance in nature for it will not bring this a fruitful result beyond reproach of his own development in the future . Parental engagement will vary mostly if it is done in a most positive way like giving freedom to their children to choose and not imposing of what parent’s want. Various indication if students were on his great performance in school because he is motivated and interested to learn were a greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning , stronger belief of importance of education, better social skills and improve behaviour. Afterall, parental encouragement and support of learning education at home combine with parental involvement at school is what matters most. This is what I think Parents role in education with their children.