Teach English in Qiaokou Zhen - Chenzhou Shi

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Teaching the word itself means some knowledge shared from one person to another. This course reflects to a teacher delivering the course to his/her students. Teacher plays the 2nd most important role in Students life. He/She acts as the Innovator, motivator, Guider in their student’s life. The teacher here as a choice whether he/she prefers to teach in groups or individual. Teaching in Groups means more than 1 student, well it does have its positive and negative thoughts though. Teaching in groups can act as a very big plus when coming to interaction of thoughts on a said topic. Getting to know more and more when it comes on personal views. Also when in terms of difficult question it does helps when we are working in group than individual. It also helps in getting learned more new words and phrases while increasing the communication skill. This all counts as plus when we are in Groups. There are some negative when it comes to teaching in group as well, in groups we cannot take decision solely it needs to have a group approval, also the way we perform the project varies individually. We cannot blame anybody in the group if something wrong happens as it was wholly a group teaching and assignment. This are the advantages and disadvantages for teaching in group. Now, the question comes why teaching in group is essential. Well, teaching should be effective and when it comes to group it does exchange lots of new ideas exchanged amount students with their thought but at times it can turned up to be noisy as if the teacher isn’t able to control the crowd the class might turn up losing effective learning. It does encourage meeting with new people. New contacts and lots of socializing can be created among st the students when they are in groups. Group teaching also helps in getting the assignments done more quickly but on other hand it might takes longer too as if the group may or may not agree with the respected views. Teaching in groups also helps the teacher motivated and she gets to know the choice/preference of students view individually. The more she talks the less interaction is done with the students. Therefore when it comes to Individual it just the teacher and student but in group it’s more of students talk than the teacher when it comes to assignment or some project work done together. While teaching in group, the decision is also taken in more time compared to individual teaching. There may be times when the teacher might faces some behavior issues among students, as she has number of students to control with. If the teacher is not confident and proper in her way she might lose the classroom control because of unwanted noise in class. Thus here the teacher has to be prompt and clear with the way she deals his/her student. At times when the teacher is teaching in groups they might take student interest level on high side if the whole class is participating.