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Career development is a process of improving one’s self based on their chosen career path. This is a lifelong process. There is no time limit, however, skills should be met and strengthened as efficiently as possible. One's adaptability, capacity to work under pressure, ability to work with minimal supervision, analytical, and social skills are crucial in any career path. These things are taught in schools, though at a fundamental scale. Most of the time, these are enhanced and improved through effort, practice and experience. People also learn more about how ethics, communication skills and technological savvy contribute to the success of any endeavor. Career development can be personal or organizational. Personal career development focuses on intangible qualities possessed by an individual. This also means investing oneself in self-improvement, upskilling and craft build up. Similarly, organizations or companies want their employees to answer to changing demands and pressures, therefore requiring most of them to go through said development. Organizations offer their associates opportunities to create for themselves a career plan that fits within the collective's goals and directions. Should teachers develop their careers? Yes, they should. For me, it is a must. Developing their careers is a way to answer to the demands and needs of a progressive society. Information is being updated at an unprecedented pace, and competition is cutthroat.Because of technology,there are more ways to get information and tools. A teacher won’t be able to catch up to all of these changes if they don’t adapt.Furthermore, students have also changed the way they behave and participate in class.Their attention span is short and they tend to become bored easily.Appealing, inspiring, lively and thought provoking lessons are required to gain productivity. If one remains stagnant, one will be outdated and obsolete in no time. The development of different studies and sciences would create opportunities for teachers to take advantage of. Historically speaking, the axes of the old have paved the way for the scalpels of today, and through career development, the future of the entire educational system becomes a lot more dynamic. Take Finland for example. They managed to stay at the top spot of the world’s best education system because teachers and the whole education ministry adapted and developed their careers based on the changing needs. Teachers are all required to have higher degrees and are self-governed to maximize students’ potentials and abilities. Teaching is tailored to students’ strengths and interests. Standardized tests were scrapped. There is no competition between schools and children are allowed to explore. In addition, advanced facilities and materials are constantly created to provide ingenuous and stimulating lessons to students. Their success proved that development is essential. No matter where we look, development is everywhere so teachers are expected to do the same. In developing a career, one must have a clear picture on where they should be within a certain timeframe. You should know which position in your organization you fit in and therefore create a goal to achieve this. Take useful and beneficial trainings.If you are an English teacher catering to ESL/EFL students,it is best to get TEFL/TESOL certifications to boost your skills.List down your weaknesses and bank on them. It may take more years to train and educate yourself, however, the results can be rewarding. Finally, gain as much experience as well as apply what you have learned during your trainings and education. Demo teachings can help too. Teachers can enjoy many benefits to having a career development. There are feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment, higher organizational positions, and a dynamic work lifestyle. Career development can take you anywhere. No boundaries and no borders.