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The use of songs in teaching English to children is an effective method that many parents and teachers are now teaching their children. Because of the benefits that teach him through song. Children love to listen to children's music because of their cuteness and closeness. Therefore, if children start to familiarize themselves with English songs, they will surely learn easily. The fun, lovely melody of the song will help your child not be bored. In addition, it will help children practice pronunciation more accurately. English songs often use familiar, familiar phrases in everyday life. Therefore, the music helps children to have good listening and reflexes when communicating with foreigners. Listening to English through songs helps children learn faster and remember longer vocabulary, which will form and develop skills and listen better. Children should be focused on listening to familiar topics in everyday life, such as family, friends, animals ..... So the acquisition and reflexes of children will become easier. Not only that, listening to English through songs also helps children feel more excited and relaxed. Especially, it will break the cold atmosphere of each class, help students introduce and get to know each other easier. Children's songs often have a simple sentence structure or easy-to-remember sentence patterns. The song can be used to reinforce the sample of questions that are taught in the classroom. Songs like: Hello, what do you do? What time is it? Perhaps the interesting advantage is most obvious when using songs to teach English. Most children love to sing and often respond positively to the use of songs in the classroom. Songs give children a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Young children often think of the song as a recreational activity so they will find learning English through the songs very fun, interesting and without pressure. What is the key to effective English learning? In fact, the most important thing is knowing the right tools and forming long-term habits. One of the best and extremely simple ways is to use the song in teaching English. Scientifically proven music can help second language learners acquire grammar, vocabulary and improve pronunciation. The lyrics always contain many vocabulary, phrases, suitable for daily use. The latest indigenous languages are also regularly updated in music. Therefore, teaching English through songs is extremely important and effective. Pronunciation plays an important role in teaching and learning a foreign language, because it has a great influence on learning all other skills such as vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, writing ... and is one of the factors. Decide the success in communication. When learners pronounce correctly, their English listening comprehension level also improves significantly, and they become more confident in communication. In teaching, teachers have applied many different methods, in which using songs is an effective method that can significantly improve students' pronunciation ability. Because of the miraculous effects that the song brings to people, teachers can use the song as an effective teaching tool. The song has many genres suitable for all ages while meeting all tastes and needs of the learner. Moreover, the source of searching for songs is very rich and available on the internet. Learners can learn English easily through memorizing the sound of the song.