Teach English in Ashihan Sumu - Chifeng Shi

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Firstly, we must understand the term Kindergarten which means a place for teaching kids or children from 0 to 6 years. Teaching kids can be fun because they love playing for that reason if you are a teacher that loves kids and love playing with them as well then you will enjoy your stay around kids. Kids love toys of all kind and food as well, if you are in the toy room with children that’s their best moment because when they see the variety or different kinds of toys in the room they won’t get tired because they can play with toy A once the toy becomes boring to them they switch to toy B etc. which will make their day so fun and lovely. The interesting part playing with children is that you don’t really feel sad or worried about anything because they are lovely some children will even bring some toys to play and when you play with them you turn to develop this bond between you and children anywhere they see you they will just start screaming your name because of the love and friendship they have develop with in you as their teacher. A teacher teaching in a kindergarten, is a father and mother to those children for that reason you need to respect and treat the children as yours not beating them and swearing at them each time they do something because they are just children and are blank in their mind so we as the teacher needs to empower them with knowledge and love. These children despite their young age they are good students are well some children have good memories whatever you teach them they always remember and that makes the teacher feel so happy and develops more interest in teaching. Furthermore, if a kindergarten teacher is cruel to his or her students they will lost their interest to play with you and even their desire to study with you will be gone for good making your class boring to them as a result they will start sleeping in class if they are not sleeping they will be playing or still talking to one another because they teacher is fun and ready to play with them in time of need. Moreover, the hectic part of teaching in a kindergarten is when some naughty children do not want to listen to the teacher’s instructions. We all know children in general are naught but some are naughty than other for example the teacher might be teaching and the children will be busy playing not paying attention to the teacher at all other will decide to climb on the table, some will even urinate on their body will in class depending their age group. The listed reasons can make teaching boring and hectic but that should not give a room for the teacher to beat the students than beating a student is better to send them out of the class or still report them to their parents after the lesson or class, same ways you will report a child to his or her parents if they were ill or sick.