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Teach English in Anqing Zhen, Chifeng Shi
Multiple intelligence is definitely not a new concept but the realization of its importance in designing lessons has come to light in recent times, whereby a lot of audio-video, visual aids, real life objects, props, instruments, experiments, building blocks etc
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Teach English in Baiyinnuoer Zhen, Chifeng Shi
Introduction The 21st Century has so far seen dramatic technological advancement, aiding us in the way of learning, producing, integrating, engineering and changing the way we interact with each other
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Teach English in Baiyintaohai Sumu, Chifeng Shi
This is a brief report on the growing importance that English language is having after the benginning of the period of Globalization and personal career consideration of a young teacher
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Teach English in Beizifu Zhen, Chifeng Shi
In the twenty-first century, using a paper dictionary would be of a great help to language learners to broaden their vocabulary knowledge in different ways such as correct spelling, parts of speech, pronunciation, reading comprehension and common expressions used in the target language
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Teach English in Daban Zhen, Chifeng Shi
Most of us will clearly remember the different teachers we have had throughout our academic lives, be it in primary, secondary, or tertiary education
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Teach English in Fuhe Zhen, Chifeng Shi
An instructor’s mastery of and experience with the English language are great indicators of their potential success in teaching English as a foreign language
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Teach English in GuAndi Zhen, Chifeng Shi
In 2018, about 485,200 US teachers went on strike or were involved in work stoppages calling for fair wages, better public benefits, and more government funds going towards public education (Dam 2019)
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Teach English in Guangdegong Zhen, Chifeng Shi
Two years ago, I became an Assistant Language Teacher at a technical High School in Japan, and my first major project was to help my students pass an optional listening exam called the “Technical English Exam
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