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Classroom management is the ability, act or skill to exercise control and coordinate a class effectively. This is one of the most important skills every teacher should possess, but this has also been one of the most difficult challenges almost every new teacher faces, myself inclusive as it can be very difficult or go wrong due to so many reasons. I am going to be listing out some reasons which I will elaborate on further based on experience and observation as a new teacher. REASONS FOR POOR CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. 1) Starting off with a new class on the wrong foot. The phrase 'on the wrong foot' here is used to explain starting off without establishing any form of classroom management in form of rules, rapport, discipline or control at the very beginning with a new class atall and once this happens it is almost impossible or very difficult to establish. 2) Making rules you cannot obey. Making rules you do not obey, for example you ask students not to be late and you break the same rule. It's like setting a bad example for the students to follow. 3) Not making eye contact or inability to use sign language. Not using sign language or maintaining eye contact can most times make a teacher seem weak and lack confidence. You need to maintain eye contact when necessary while trying to communicate or enforce certain rules. 4) Coming off as too playful or lacking control. Coming off as too playful and not being in control or firm when necessary will make the teacher look like a joker and not one to be taken seriously. 5) Handling special students the wrong way. Handling special students or students with behaviour problems the wrong way will make you further humiliate yourself or come off as cruel in front of other students. 6)Being too harsh on a student. Being too harsh on a student can make other students lose love and respect for you in a bid to support their fellow student. 7) Communicating Wrongly. Communicating Wrongly can also led to poor classroom management for instance Screaming instead of correcting with love, not making your rules clear and concise, talking out of anger, not being able to control your temper around students and not being emotionally intelligent. 8) Not having a good rapport with students. Students tend to obey and respect teachers when there is a good rapport already established and a good relationship between teacher and students. 9) Making empty threats. Making threats you do not intend to keep will only make students call your bluff in future as they already know nothing will be done and no punishment will be meted out if they disrespect you or disobey rules. 10) Lacking Confidence and Poor self esteem as a teacher. Your personality can also affect your relationship with students, if a teacher lacks confidence, discipline and a good self esteem students can sense this and this can affect classroom management and control. 11) Being lackadaisical towards problem behaviours. Problem behaviours should be addressed and treated immediately so it doesnt become a normal occurrence for the student. 12)Every student is different and Unique. Every teacher must realise that every student is different and unique and will behave differently so as to be able to handle evey student accordingly and appropriately. 13) Do not use Force or Violence. Well violence and forcefulness never solved any problem peacefully. A teacher should be kind, gentle and loving and correct every students in this manner while being firm and disciplined also. Respect and obedience cannot be obtained by force. 14) Respect your students and all they stand for. Respect they say is reciprocal, to be respected we must respect others, their values, beliefs, convictions, cultures, religions, personalities and choices. To be respected and obeyed as a teacher you must first respect your student and act respectfully towards and around them. 15) Know when to let go and let be. Every teacher should know when to let things go and let things be. It's not advisable to keep going over a particular situation or instruction with a student that refuses to obey or behave. The situation can be reported to the appropriate authorities and left for them to handle and resolve, instead of going on and on and possibly interrupting your lesson or looking stupid in front of other students. These are just a few reasons why classroom management can fail and a teacher can lack control over students and lessons, by correcting these common mistakes from the very beginning, classroom management can be made easier and very achievable. This is my contribution on this topic based on my personal experience with students and teaching experience.