Teach English in Baiyintaohai Sumu - Chifeng Shi

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This is a brief report on the growing importance that English language is having after the benginning of the period of Globalization and personal career consideration of a young teacher. I graduated in 2105 from a Business and Foreign Language University; during my entire study path (from the elementary schools) there was this general feeling that foreign languages -in particular English- were making the difference for individuals working and living in a globalised world, in the near future. The more we go further the more we need to communicate in a standard way, and it has to be a routine, not an exception. English language is establishing rules in this field: it seems that it has gained the consensus, and won over the Esperanto language which we all know, is an artificial lab-created language. As we all know, having a linguistic intelligence, since very young helps a lot, not only for mere communication of informaton, but for a better comprehension of cultures, behaviours, emotions. Yes we are living the "businees era" but business is a matter of humans: behind business there are always people. And people need to be understood. Linguistic consciousness is could be developed since very young and it's a path thah could be a fantasting jouney lifetime. Aren't we always learning somentingh new? English improved my career. First of all, I spent time abroad after University, and my good English helped me to find a job literally in no-time. Because I was in an English-speaking country I improved my linguistic skills and now, back in my homecountry, I'm working not only as an English teacher but I help a Corporate Company to coordinate the internal training. I continued my studies and reseraches on didactics, English language, philology, literature, business languages. In those years I found out that there is not a standard method to teach. Before starting a new course I've always asked myself: If I were a student in this course, what do I expect from the teacher? And from the course? How can I put myself to the test? Well in my mind, I always think that a very well organized course is a good point to start. Sharing the organization with students, making them know what they are doing and what for will make students having a good rapport with the study of foreign languages, in this case English. surely the teacher has a leading role, that's why we, as teachers, non only need experience, but good basis a strong flexible method framed in a varied knowledge of foreign culture. Having mentioned this experience, it goes without saying how English can influence a good career, but I'll give another example: Many jobs rely on books, websites, thesaurus, and any kind of literature that could be fuonfd only in English. This is the case of many Engeneering jobs, or international jobs such as Pilots, Army, Business people. I don't know if it is good or not, It's not the case to be judgemental, but it represents the relity: English language has won over other languages, and helps people from all over the world to exchange their needs. Better make friend of it.