Teach English in Biliutai Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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We have all been a student once. Whether in kindergarten, high school, university, or at home, each of us has had at least one person that we have considered a teacher throughout our life so far. It is very likely that there was a particular teacher that we loved, not because of the school material, but because of some other type of knowledge they passed on. Being a teacher is a more complex and varied profession than it seems. While some people assume that being a teacher is simply being a tutor who provides grammar and vocabulary lessons and marks tests, it is much more than that. Apart from being an actual instructor who teaches the aspects of a language, such as grammar, vocabulary, tenses, uses, phonetics, etc., the teacher plays an important role in the life of a student regardless their age or nationality. Learners of different ages will look up to the teacher for many reasons besides just learning and understanding a language. First and foremost, the teacher’s main role is to provide a deep and long lasting understanding of the subject he/she teaches. To be able to do this, the teacher must be knowledgeable enough to create suitable and effective lessons. There are plenty of tasks which a teacher has to undertake in order to accomplish successful classes, such as create and manage activities suitable for the type of group, provide constructive feedback consistently, plan the curriculum and adjust it when needed, and grade tests and assignments. The teacher is the main source of information and experience based examples which the students greatly rely on and is sometimes valued even more than the school book. The teacher provides that much needed human interaction which makes learning easier and more interesting, as well as tailored towards each student. Apart from that purely academic role of teachers described before, there are a few more. Let’s take teaching very young children for example. When in kindergarten, kids spend an enormous amount of time away from home almost every day. In this ripe age, they absorb every single thing happening around them, every word they hear and every image they see, so their environment is crucial. At this stage, a teacher can play the role of a parent during those hours. Apart from teaching words, singing songs, and playing games, a teacher will have to give the needed discipline and sometimes try to improve the one they have received at home. In some cases, it can be often seen that children do not spend much time with their parents, so they will learn most about life in kindergarten or early at school. It is a known fact that the first seven years of the child are the most important in his/her life, and so is the role of the teacher. A teacher will often need to be a psychologist or a friend and listen to when students come to him/her for any issue. It is not always easy to discuss problems and a teacher can be a trusted support in difficult moments. This, of course, is not only true for young children, but for older students too. A teacher can always be trusted outside the classroom, when someone has no one else to seek advice from or simply talk to. To sum up, a teacher’s profession is a very colorful one. While it can be very rewarding and fun, it is full of all sorts of responsibilities. When applying for the job, one must be prepared to deal with all kinds of issues apart from just teaching the material. Being an educator is only a small part of the beautiful and gratifying experience that is teaching.