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Learning Grammar is the most important aspect for language learners. A good grammar makes us possible to talk about a language. Learning Grammar is a quiet long process, but definetly its not so difficult.Some learners enjoy while doing grammar exercises to learn a language, some of them dislike of grammar. These kind of learners think that much grammar is to loose the time. They always pay attention to speak language without any grammar rules. I think grammar plays a fundemental role for learners of any language. Basically grammar shows how words are built up into phrases and how words combined into sentences. Especially first learners should learn grammar very well. Grammar is the maintain of learning of any language.Main parts of learning English or any language ; • Speaking • Listening • Reading Without grammar these main parts are not important. In addition to this, grammar should involve With these mainparts. In every sentence , for speaking , listening ,reading. Grammar is a rules for Learnging a language. We can not escape from these rules. Without using these rules we can not communicate well with other people. Nouns, pronouns Verbs, adverbs, subject, object, conjuctions, Articles, who , what,which, when – clauses etc.. Grammar teaches us how to use these words, and realise differences in each. When we make an effort to identify words as parts of speech we get a better idea of how words come together in a sentence. At first this looks very difficult, and mixed but then after doing long and frequent exercises it becomes automatic and easy. After we be aware importance of the grammar for learning language, how can we improve our grammar? Then what can we do to learn it in ways that differ from traditional methods? Common Grammar Books There are common Professional Grammar Books which includes lots of exercises. Since my Childhood I read lots of Grammar Books. I believe that these books are very useful to improve Grammar. In order to learn grammar easily, we should know most of the words meanings. This method make it easy our way. When we choose these Professional Grammar Books, we should look at our english language level. These grammar books were published from beginner learners , to the Advanced learners. At the every stage of our learning , we should read these books. Reading Stories or books Reading is the number of a way to improve our grammar skills. It can be helpfull to read loud when we seeing , saying , and hearing, this will help to build up a good grammar. In addition to this, reading activity develops our writing skills. Writing Learners should encourage themselves to explore language creative writing pick up the correct grammar usage. Writing essay , try to write creative sentences, it will be useful for a good grammar . Grammar Games (online or worksheet) There are some type of grammar games on the social media, and android applications. This makes fun for learning grammar. We can play these games on smartphone, tablet or laptop or desktop. These kind of learning acitivities are so enjoyable. Not only for children also for adults, and other learners of language. Using games to learn a language Some of the Games ; Noun Games, Adverb Games, Verb Games, Adjactive Games and Word puzzles. Online Grammar Quizzes and worksheet Quizzes : In the recent years Many lessons are given online, one of the most useful grammar acitivity is Online Quizze. These quizzes can be done online or printed out for home or classroom use. Some of them;General Grammar Quizzes, Part of Speech Quizzes, Modal verbs Quizzes , Tenses Quizzes To be Membership Online Social grammar groups In my opinion its the most common methods in the recent years. For example; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. There are a lot of grammar groups there, I have membership most of social groups in Facebook and Instagram. In addition to above explanation, I would like to mention about my life about struggling to learn english. I believe that, grammar is like a glue of learning english, undoubtfull, without grammar, speaking English is not good. I had attendent lots of English courses in my country. In Turkey education system about a language, Grammar is the most important aspect for a learning language. English Courses pay attention to only Grammar.Unfortunately our language education wasnt not enough for speaking english, Even Teachers used to teach language and grammar with their native language.In last ten years this changed, In english courses teach english Native speaker teachers. After attended English courses, I decided to go to England to improve my english in 2009. I had attended English courses in London, I learned English in native language. I have been to London approximately 2 years.In England, I realised that most of college students who lives in England , and also some native speaker people make plenty of grammar mistakes. I heard of their conversation, they say “ he are.. she are”..etc and more grammar mistakes. They don’t pay attention to the grammar while they are speaking- in real life conversation . They are relax and talk naturally without getting to focused on grammar rules. In addition to this, Some Turkish People or from other countries people who was born in England, they couldn’t write an Essay. Their writing skill is very bad. They try to write as they heard. When I went back to Turkey, I worked as teacher in Private Language schools approximately 2 years. Student ages between 10-14 year old. I also had worked in Import Export Company as a Export Sales Person. At weekends, I teach English to the students part time. In the business life we usually use english by writing. On Outlook always correspend by mail with our customers. In order to good communication with our we need a good grammar. As a result ; Learning language is a long prosses, it requires efforts, patient and it takes very long time. Of course Grammar is not everything but we can not ignore. How should we study grammar in this period? In my opinion, we should keep short, but it should be frequent! 15 minutes doing grammar exercises is enough, rest of time, we should study, listening, speaking and reading. Conversation is a main goal for learning language. Grammar is important tool to achieve this goal. We should use grammar in real conversation. How can we do? All grammar exercises should be repeat many times. A language is learned by frequent repetition.