Teach English in Daban Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Most of us will clearly remember the different teachers we have had throughout our academic lives, be it in primary, secondary, or tertiary education. Each teacher has left us with different impacts, some big, some small, and some that we will never forget. Teachers can have a serious effect on the academic, and sometimes personal development of a student. Therefore, it is greatly important that teachers positively influence students to the best of their ability. First and foremost, a student should feel comfortable, safe, and secure within the classroom in order to participate to their fullest and gain as much as they can from each lesson. With this kind of classroom environment, students are more willing to listen, ask questions, make mistakes, and learn. It is the role of the teacher to create such an environment, which can be influenced by different factors. Teachers each have their own unique personality as does everyone else. Some are more introverted while others are more extroverted. However, when it comes to being a good teacher, being kind, understanding, and patient are essential traits to hold, no matter your personality type. Not every student will be on the same level as one another. Some will need more time or a different explanation in order to understand something that is being taught. For teachers to effectively convey new information to their students, teachers must have good subject knowledge. They must be able to creatively adapt this information in different ways to cater for the understanding of each individual student. This can be made easier if teachers are organised and prepared before starting each lesson. They should already expect what areas may cause confusion for students and have solutions prepared in advance. Organisation not only helps in times of uncertainty for students, but also in the general flow and productivity of the lesson. With a good and clear structure, students can follow the lesson more easily and feel more comfortable, secure, and confident in their learning process. To further student’s learning, teachers should assess their student’s work by correcting, giving feedback, evaluating and grading. However, this can be quite a scary and intimidating process for some students. It is therefore essential that teachers be fair and consistent to all of their students, as well as being sensitive and supportive to their needs. This requires balance, another important factor to consider. Teachers must know when to get involved, and when to leave things alone and observe. This balance depends on what type of activity the class is participating in and what the desired outcome is for the students. It is therefore important that teachers can be flexible according to the classroom dynamics and the students needs, without dominating or leaving the students feeling confused. The relationship or rapport between students and teachers is very important. Students are much more likely to succeed and enjoy their learning experience with a teacher that leads by example, is enthusiastic, motivated, sensitive and caring. There is a saying that goes “if you can’t, teach”. Everyone can become a teacher, but to become a good teacher, that is a whole different story.