Teach English in Dalainuori Zhen - Chifeng Shi

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Parents play a vital role in development of children’s English skills. This essay will recommend parents some ways to improve their own children’s English language from home. Firstly, to listening skill, parents are suggested to provide children various listening English resources. By using audio, radio, recording or cartoon, parents create an effective opportunity for children to get used to a new language everyday. Taking music as a prime example. Children can learn from the super simple song which facilities them to active children’s brain and appeal language in nature, even when baby stays at zero year old stage. There is a variety of equipment to support parents for this such as smart phone, TV program, and ipad. However, parents should not misuse of those screens because they could affect the children’s eyes, especially young learners from one to six years old. Listening files saved at mp3 form may work better. Alternatively, if ESL parents are confident of their pronunciation in English, stories from parents’ voices before bed time will become a listening input that children are eager. Secondly, to speaking skill, children’s speaking developmental process needs parental involvement with a speaking English enviroment outside of school. The best simple advice is that parents should communicate with their children in English for 15 minutes per day. The reason is that children spend most of their time at home with their parents. Thus it will be wasteful unless parents take this advantage to ecourage the young to speak English. Additionally, parents are easy to motivate children to speak English through picnics in places where foreigners visit. In Vietnam, this is widely popular with children living in large urban areas. To prove that hundreds of Vietnamese students and children are caught making friend confidently to foreigners in English on streets around center of Hanoi capital; their purpose is to practice speaking English. These days, taking benefits of technology development, parents take quickly online courses, mobile apps which are taught by native English teacher to assist their children practise speaking English whenever and wherever. Thirdly, to reading skill, some scientific methods are useful for parents to teach young children to read English from home. For instance, methods using flashcards studied by professors named Shichida or Glendoman are spread with lightening speed among Vietnamese parents. Blending flash cards as well as games of flash cards bring a highly simple and helpful formula that are widely applied in ESL lessons to enhance children’s vocabulary and reading ability via the right brain. In case, parents feel confused about how to do this, many instructions with full information are posted on the internet and social network. Besides, some parents prefer writing English names on all items, funiture and equipment in house so that language comes naturally to the children. It is similar to reading signals or advertisements on streets when parents and their baby walk out together. Finally, to writing skill, parents can choose plenty of forms benefiting young students’ writing approach. Reading book stories is believed to be a significant home activity which not only makes children’s reading habit but also enriches their essays due to collected vocabularies in the reading stage. After telling them stories, parents had better ecourage them to summerize in word or make up the endings of the stories a new story from what they read before. In addition to this activity, some parents indicate that they give their children diary books because writing diary in English is mentioned as one of practical ways in order to contribute the children’s language. However, children are suggested starting with short and simple sentences before developing into passage, story, essay and further writing contests. It may remove pressure of the studying achievement on both parents and children. To sum up, the parent’s engagement have remarkable influence on their children’s English language education. Depending on the level and the effect of parental involement, parents choose proper approaches to their own children’ English development process without going to school.