Teach English in Dachangshandao Zhen - Dalian Shi

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In this Unit 12, the productive skills are speaking and writing skills. Those skills are equally important as the receptive skills discussed in previous unit. I’ve read about the accuracy and fluency that form part of ESA method where accuracy is about the correctness of the language being used such as spelling, , pronunciation, vocabulary and structure while that of fluency refers to the continuous speaking in English without interruption. Both has similar importance in ESA method specially in study and activate phase. Under speaking activities, the teacher may classify the activities into controlled speaking activity where the language is controlled by the teacher and at same time the still accuracy- based. Examples of this activity are drilling(listening and repeating what the teacher would pronounce) and prompting(question and answer activity); guided speaking activity where the focus is still accuracy though it is more creative and productive. The output is controlled by the teacher and not the exact language. Examples of this are guided role play and model dialogues. Lastly, the creative speaking activity is a fluency based activity. Examples discussions, debates, free role play, information gap etc. Speaking in class may make students reluctant due to several reasons (lack of interest on the topic, confidence, afraid making mistakes, peer intimidation and others) but these should be overcome by the teacher by planning carefully the activity he/she is going to do in class, making it the activity purposeful or a requirement, arranging classroom dynamics and assigning students to do lots of practice and controlled activities in pairs or group. By doing these things will help build confidence among students and rapport. Writing is a skill that is neglected/ignored among the three skills. When actually this is the most difficult topic. Once words, sentences are written in error, the mistakes are highly visible or noticeable. So developing writing skill must be in parallel to the other skills of speaking, listening and reading.