Teach English in Dalian Shi

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Teach English in Fuzhouwan Zhen, Dalian Shi
This unit is all about listening and writing, in this unit, I have been able to master the differences between accuracy and fluency activities and their importance
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Teach English in Songshu Zhen, Dalian Shi
Productive skills is a vital part of this course and going through this entire unit has really open my understanding into the techniques of being able to help improve the productive skills of students, the detailed explanation in this unit are very easy and simple to learn, understand and put to practice
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Teach English in Wawo Zhen, Dalian Shi
In this unit, looking at the other half of the basic skills for language of productive skills reminded me of my own learning experience with learning a foreign language
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Teach English in Xianyuwan Zhen, Dalian Shi
In this unit are discussed the productive skills as speaking and writing, which we use for communicative purpose, when we want to say something, when we want to listen to something and when we are interested in what is being said
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