Teach English in Dazheng Zhen - Dalian Shi

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This unit centered on productive skills (speaking and writing). Writing requires a greater degree of accuracy while speaking requires a greater degree of fluency. People communicate for various reasons(saying something, interested in something and so on) .So as a teacher, I've to create a communicative desire for the learners. While accuracy works on the language which is mostly in the study phase,fluency ensures the students or learners experiment and be creative and its mostly in the activative phase. As a teacher i need to control classroom activity like on language, mode of pronunciation(drilling and prompting) Guide activities (creative and productive) Creative communication (role play,discussion and games) Encouraging learners to speak (self confident) Techniques of encouraging learners include pair work,careful planning,control and guide.A typical free speaking activity is that of ESA(engage-study-activate). It's also encouraging to come with games,elements of fun,competitive plays that will prompt and interest the learners.