Teach English in Laohutun Zhen - Dalian Shi

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Productive skills are important in learing of the English language. It is common though when a person can speak but can't write or the other way around because of the teaching method that was used in the school and at the end he goes to study English again to improve these skills as one is not enough. In my opinion, a teacher should focus on writing and speaking equally as both of them will be very useful in future. The lesson is based on accuracy activities for learning and fluency activities for applying the knowledge and it is important to use both as practice can't be without mistakes, and learning can't be without practice. A teacher should encourage students to speak during the lesson and games or role-plays can be very efficient in order to make a lesson more fun. It is difficlut to make the writing part fun, especially for young learners therefore teachers prefer to give such tasks for homework. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is necessery to do writing tasks during the lesson as well in oder to notice and correct important, repeating mistakes directly so that students can memorize them. For instance, in China students are not used to spaces between words so teachers should remind students about them every time before writing tasks therefore the tasks are made properly in class, though at home students tend to forget about this.