Teach English in Wangjia Zhen - Dalian Shi

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Speaking and writing are the skills we use to produce our thoughts. Of these two skills, speaking is in many ways the easier of the two skills to teach and to learn. With speaking there is more room for mistakes and the student knows right away if they have communicated successfully with another person. The correction is instant and the speaking can be repeated over and over for practice. Writing skills are harder to teach as there are many variables involved. I have had students who have had no education in their own country and so even the correct way to hold a pencil is something they have not been taught previously. Writing uses are small motor skills and this is easier for some students than for other students. Writing has many steps that need to all be combined before it can be produced correctly. These steps include grammar, punctuation, handwriting, vocabulary and others. Because of this it is good to include some writing practice as often as possible into the lessons.