Teach English in Wawo Zhen - Dalian Shi

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In this unit, looking at the other half of the basic skills for language of productive skills reminded me of my own learning experience with learning a foreign language. This portion of the learning was actually the hardest area to be confident in as it was the most overwhelming to practice. The action components of communication that require you to do the communicating are the most intimidating as humility is required of you. I remember this clearly, and it still affects me today with my use of the foreign language that I learned. I know that this will be an area of teaching that I will have to be diligent in helping the students feel comfortable and encouraged to practice. I feel that games are a very important part of the practicing as it eases the atmosphere to have fun in learning. It thought it was very timely of the creator of this course to add information on using games into this unit as it is an excellent facilitator for teaching speaking and writing skills.