Teach English in Xianyuwan Zhen - Dalian Shi

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In this unit are discussed the productive skills as speaking and writing, which we use for communicative purpose, when we want to say something, when we want to listen to something and when we are interested in what is being said. Differences between accuracy and fluency activities are presented accuracy focuses on producing a correct language, whereas fluency tends to provoke students to experiment and be creative when using their language. Both accuracy and fluency activities are stated to be equally important. Some of the speaking activities involve guided activities, which are accuracy based, where the language is controlled by the teacher; guided activities with an element of creativity, where the output is controlled by the teacher, but the exact language is not; creative communication, which is a fluency based activity. Reasons why students struggle to speak and techniques for encouraging interaction are also listed. There is also an example of a typical free/creative speaking activity lesson and a guideline for it, which includes preparation before the lesson, instructions what to do during the lesson and providing feedback after the lesson. Some of the factors of the writing activity as handwriting which is personal, but should not be poor; correct spelling; layout and punctuation should be studied and practiced. Many of the principles of the speaking activity could be applied in the creative writing activity as putting students into pairs or groups in order to get ideas from different sources, students should be encouraged to write and engaged. An example of a typical creative writing activity lessons is presented. Many games have also been adapted to language studying. There are two types: competitive and co-operative games, which also break down into communicative and linguistic games.