Teach English in Wulantaolegai Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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Volunteer teaching is a great way how to improve your skills but also gain a lot of new experience in foreign country. Especially in the countries where they need us the most as there might be a lack of education, resources and also teachers. We can taste a life of those communities and find a compassion and understanding inside each of us. There are many countries to choose from like Cambodia, Sri Lanka Thailand and many more. You will be not only teaching but also you will have a chance to travel around the country, meet new people, do the new things and make new friends. Teaching abroad has a lot of advantages not only for you but for the community and the country you decide to teach in. One of them is improving the teaching standards in a poor country. Another one is to give education to underprivileged children, where schools are mostly question of luxury. All of this might give you a great skills and invaluable experience and personal growth. Volunteer teaching is nowadays one of the most popular volunteering programs all over the world. No matter if you are young graduate who wants some adventure or retired teacher who need some meaning in life, or even between jobs and just need some change, this is a great way to give a new perspective to your living and change the way you look at the world for ever. Most countries in Latin America don’t offer a good level of English classes. Speaking this language is a life changing skill for people in developing countries, because it opens the doors both in academic and professional sphere and takes you out of poverty. Most middle and upper class students learn English in private schools or lessons which are normally too expensive to afford for the rest of the population. This is causing a massive gap between those who can afford English lessons and who cannot. There are many things you can gain from volunteer teaching abroad. Working with children, students or young people from different background. Normally you can learn from experienced teacher or a team. You can contribute to the lesson and get your own class experience. Most importantly you get a first-hand perspective on a global education and its challenges. There is also normally short or long term placement so you can choose what suits you. First time teachers can volunteer to teach independently, provide support to the local teachers or team up with other international volunteers in a different range of class rooms including schools, community programs, special needs facilities and child care centres. Access to education and opportunity to study English is normally highly valued and students are eager to learn and participate. There is a very high influence of teaching volunteers on the communities they work with. Crossing boundaries to teach side by side with students and teachers from different cultures, offers a two way exchange of cultural understanding and global awareness. It is just up to you to choose the right program for yourself and the country of your desire, and the new life challenge can begin.