Teach English in Xini Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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Kurt Vonnegut once said that “teaching is the noblest profession of all in a democracy” and many people agreed. It has been quoted and shared more than a thousand times. The question is why? Why is teaching the noblest profession? It is because of the roles each teacher plays every day of their lives. They are knowledge providers, teachers make sure that their students get to learn, understand, and apply the things they need to move towards their dreams. Teachers are also surrogate parents; students spend more time with their teachers more than their parents, therefore teachers are given the legal responsibility ‘In loco parentis’ which allows them to act in the best interests of their students. Given these, students develop a personal relationship with their teachers which cultivates respect, trust, and even adoration. Therefore, teachers are also role models. Teachers are also planners, assessors, guidance counselor, nurse, and the list go on. Every teacher knows that when they become a teacher, their job description does not stop at teaching inside the four corners of the classroom because it goes on and on and on. Teaching, therefore, is not only limited to imparting knowledge. The most important role of a teacher is not to teach, but to care, touch, and empower the lives of every student that is put under their responsibility. This justifies what Zrandall Butisingh had said, “Teaching is more than a noble profession. It is a vocation, a calling… The most important person in any civilization, as on him depends the molding of nations:”. Our younger generations are the future of our world and failure to educate them with values and virtues will cause a world of professionals who lacks humanity and empathy. Teachers play a key role in imparting not only knowledge but also of character. We cannot deny that teachers have lasting impacts on their students. We ourselves have one or more teacher that had inspired or motivated us to push beyond our comfort zones. There were the teachers who had inspired us by their kindness and those who motivated us to surpass our limits with strict discipline. As a teacher myself, my goal is to continue this legacy of giving out inspiration. I want to see my students facing the reality of the world with fortitude and optimism. It is a very rewarding feeling to see your students grow into outstanding citizens who contribute to the advancement of the world and in the promotion of harmony and philanthropy. The reality of the situation, not all teachers could handle the roles given to being a teacher. Teaching requires a lot from the teacher and teachers are only human who also get exhausted. A teacher could also be a mother who needs to feed her newborn baby, a father who needs to provide for his four kids, a daughter who needs to take care of her old aged parents, or a son who was left of the responsibility to take care of his siblings because of his parents passing. Despite the situations they are in, they have to go to school and are expected to teach, entertain, and give the needs of their many students. In my country, the bitter truth about teachers is that they can’t afford to show any mishap because they might be judged by the people around them or worse lose their credibility. Still, they are teachers. They have to accept their situation and keep moving forward because their students are waiting for them. That also means that the future of our world is waiting for them and they cannot afford to sacrifice that for their own sake. So what does it mean to be a teacher? It means you have to prepare yourself in facing a lot of challenges and not letting it take you down because you play the most important role in the world. You are the backbone of societies. Without your presence, knowledge will perish, and the world will be stagnant. In fact, the world won’t reach the height of success, it could reach without you. It means you have to be ready because every day in your life you will have to think about people who are not even blood-related. It means you need to sleep late at night and wake up early in the morning because you still have to equip the future of the world. That is what it means to be a teacher.