Teach English in XuejiAwAn Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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Those who are looking to teach English as a foreign language should obtain educational training and receive a certificate before applying to related job positions. Teaching English as a foreign language involves working with and teaching to students of different cultures and countries. This poses many challenges for students and teachers that can be outlined and minimized through completion of a TEFL course. Some research will indicate that TEFL certifications aren’t always necessary. TEFL.net (n.d.) has outlined many of the “disadvantages” to obtaining a TEFL course. However, I have found that the necessity of a TEFL certification is dependent on the aspiring teacher’s end goals. That is, the specific job opportunities that are available to individuals will be different; thus, creating different qualifications, needs, and requirements. TEFL.net (n.d.) outlines cost and lack of accreditation as two of the main reasons to avoid obtaining a TEFL certification. The plethora of institutions to select from that offer quality TEFL courses minimize the issue of cost. In addition, the return on your initial investment into a TEFL course will be of greater value than what you put into it. However, the need and importance for institutional accreditation should be considered for any given TEFL opportunity found by the aspiring TEFL teacher. If reasonably priced courses can be found and accreditation is a small factor in how significantly you are able to utilize your certification, we can look at the reasons why you should complete a TEFL course to obtain a TEFL certification. Applicants to TEFL job positions who hold certification in TEFL will be more qualified and reflect higher standards in comparison to applicants who do not have any TEFL credentials (Beck, 2015). Therefore, competitive advantage in the job market is a significant reason for completing a TEFL course. Another significant reason to complete a TEFL course is to familiarize with the differences between domestic teaching or our domestic learning experiences and those of different countries and cultures. Though we will not be able to experience and observe an extensive amount of TEFL teaching in different cultures through one TEFL course, we learn that cultural differences play a pivotal role in facilitating student success. Perhaps the lack of a TEFL course completion compromises one’s ability to be prepared for a TEFL teaching position. You should also complete a TEFL course because every new position or new job that we wish to pursue requires new skills and new knowledge to be learned and implemented prior to delving into the job duties. We want to be taught by teachers that have been confirmed as qualified by an authority or reputable organization (Beck, 2015). Therefore, teachers who have been TEFL certified or completed a TEFL course are in a better position to be an effective teacher for their students and can have a sense of confidence about their abilities in the classroom. Lastly, a TEFL course should be completed to solidify interest in teaching and self-assess how our abilities match up to the expectations and qualifications of effective TEFL teachers. Personally, completing the TEFL course further intensified my interest in teaching English as a foreign language. I became excited by the materials and eager to start teaching. In addition, the course has allowed me to assess my personality and teaching style. Specifically, TEFL teachers should be patient, caring, lively, entertaining, motivational, knowledgeable, and have effective interpersonal skills. Teachers should also be intuitive to students needs and abilities, as well as aware of the classes’ interests and motives. Also, teachers should be focused around developing the learning of the students. Overall, there are many benefits to completing a TEFL course. TEFL courses can supplement the teaching and leadership skills we already have. Upon a TEFL course completion, aspiring teachers will qualify for better paying jobs. Aspiring TEFL teachers should seek to constantly improve themselves as teachers and be student-focused. Cultural differences should be considered and understood, as necessary measures should be taken by teachers to incorporate and/or follow cultural norms. Essentially, a teacher should care a lot about teaching, but care even more about the learning of the students; starting with a TEFL course completion. SOURCES USED Beck. (2015). Why Should You Get TEFL Certified? Retrieved from https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/why-should-you-get-tefl-certified TEFL.net. (n.d.). 15 Reasons Why You Should Avoid a TEFL Course. Retrieved from https://www.tefl.net/elt/articles/training-articles/avoid-tefl-course/