Teach English in Zhasake Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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Undoubtedly English is an international standard that is used to converse with each other. As soon students are equipped with English, the world and the endless amount of opportunities are available to them. They are no longer bound to their country but can spread their wings and discover what the world has to offer. I would like to dive deeper into how English can boost a student’s career and all the benefits that are included when partnering with international companies. The job markets clearly increase as there is no limitation to jobs. International companies tend to have bases spread out all over the globe. They rely heavily on English speakers and when attempting to attract new employees they state English as being one of the requirements a candidate would need to secure the job being advertised. In fact, just being able to converse in English could be the major reason for them hiring you. Your resume looks more promising when you have listed a second or a third language. This shows your ability to chat to easily and successfully carry out a conversation with clients both telephonically and in a written medium like emailing. English also enable you to work well with your colleagues. Working individually is good but another requirement of securing the job is your ability to work together in a team. Many companies carry out team building activities. This removes possible future problems and strengthens the relationships within the team so that they can effectively work together. A student learning English will also set the accumulation English social skills as a goal. One must bear in mind that they are in an entirely new setting and far away from the social support system of friends and family. Therefore, new friendships will have to be formed. A good work-life balance enables one to thrive in the workplace. An additional benefit of working in an international company means that your home base will change or be continuously changing so that you get to see more of the world. Consider those who choose careers like that of an air hostess or joining the crew on cruise ship. Their jobs come with travelling and so they get to combine work and pleasure without all the added expenses. One of the biggest deciding factors for choosing to work for an international company is that the earning potential is undeniably higher. This alone is a great motivation for students who take on English to advance their careers. And finally, English is a good way to keep your brain alive and constantly thinking. Studies have been done proving that learning a new language increases one’s brain power. New pathways of development start opening and exercising this daily is a huge benefit. Just as one benefits from physical exercise so is it necessary to exercise one’s brain. Reading, writing, listening and speaking in a new language undoubtedly will grow your brain. Your focus and mental clarity will increase, and this will enable you to be a high functioning individual. Clearly all of the reasons above influence a student’s desire to learn English.