Teach English in Longfeng Zhen - Enshi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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It has come to my understanding that teachers are playing many different roles in the class after studying Tefl,for example,manager,assessor,organizer,prompter,participant,tutor,facilitator,model and monitor.Knowing what roles they are and when to play those role is crucial. Being a manager of the class means the teacher is in charge of the class and of the activity,giving explanations or demonstration this might put some pressure on the teacher as it places attention on the teacher.This role requires teachers to be able to feel comfortable to speak in front of people,being confident or even charismatic. Organizer:teachers have to be able to organize various activities at different phases of a class,for example,at activate phase,a doctor patient role play might be needed to help students reinforce modal verbs,teachers need to give clear instructions on how to carry out this activity,put students into groups or pairs,set up rules and bring the activity to an end.This role requires teachers to be able to make themselves clear and understood. Assessor:being an assessor means teachers have to offer support to students,give feedback,correct their mistakes,evaluate and grade students.When learning English,students always want to know if they are producing proper English,they hope their mistakes can be pointed out and corrected,they hope their progress is made and recognized,this is when teachers are needed.Being an assessor requires teachers to be fair,sensitive and consistent. Prompter:encouraging students when they get stuck instead of leaving them alone makes a teacher a prompter,when students are having difficulties to express what they want to say,teachers need to offer help,gently encourage the students but be careful not to spoon-feed them.This role requires teachers to be sensitive and encouraging. Participant:when students are doing pair work or group work,in order to even the numbers of students or to make the activity lively,teachers can join a group to finish the tasks with the students.However, be careful not to be dominant and take the initiative away from the students. Facilitator,also called resource,when students are working on their own or doing group work, it's important that teachers don't interrupt them, however,it doesn't mean that teachers can just walk away,be there and offer support when needed. Model:In students eyes,the teachers have authority because they have a good understanding of English language,no matter it's vocabulary,grammar,pronunciation,students tend to come to the teachers to check pronunciation a lot,I have even encountered many students who comes to me to check if there expressions are authentic English,the usage of words and the difference between words. Monitor:When students are doing activities,the teachers need to be aware where the students are,what progress they have made,and even write down errors so that you can let the students know at a later stage.Don't distract students but also pay attention to what they are doing. Being a teacher is not difficult,but being a good teacher needs a lot of efforts.Having a kind,caring personality puts you at an advantage,but being aware of what role you should take on also matters.From my experience,apart from the roles that I mentioned above,teachers should also be a motivator,there are times when students feel depressed about their learning progress, or don't feel confident to speak,whenever this kind of issues are occurring,teachers need to do what they can to motivate students,ask them why they started,what is stopping them and think of the solutions,help the students to overcome the obstacles.Being a teacher is way more than just teaching,and playing those roles well will definitely makes you a successful teacher.