Teach English in ShuibuyA Zhen - Enshi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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The reader might infer from this title that it applies to the student but I intend to show, it refers to the teacher! My first class with each student I make the student comfortable and happy, while I learn and determine their abilities. However one class is not enough to have a complete picture of a student's abilities and depth of their knowledge with the four areas needed to be proficient in English - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Thus each lesson I learn more about my students. This allows me to better know their strengths and weaknesses for future classes. I can focus a portion of the class time on weaknesses, either known or newly discovered and so I can quickly bring up their levels. I recognize that language is not just about words, but culture is very important to their understanding. I have decided strictly to adhere to two principles in my teaching career. One is to teach only Chinese students. This strengths my teaching because I learn more about their culture and weaknesses. Secondly, I inquire from the student or parents where or what country is the goal for the students. Also what is the purpose, university, business, or immigration? I refuse to take students who wish to have an experience in a non American country, such as U.K., because I am not instilled with that culture and they would be better off with a British teacher. Students often stay with me for a long period of time, even years. This not only increases my ability to serve and teacher their needs, additionally we become close which also enhances the learning. Often I meet the parents, and they too bond with me, and they will support my teaching methods. On several occasions I have met a student and their parents here in the U.S. when they have traveled to a nearby city. A good relationship also can prove valuable during less exciting parts of a lesson, such as drilling. Students still love to show their abilities and if the teacher is interesting and exciting they will absorb more and perform better. I have learned that the learning of English is not a straight line or rising skills. There are times that a student will be flat lined in their learning curve. Actually, this is deceptive, because I have discovered they have been learning, because a time will come when they demonstrate an explosion in their skills. A​s my classes continue with a student, my ears are open, and I often hear something which will trigger me to immediately change the class and give attention to what I heard. Certainly, it will be something that is much-needed and often can be easy to correct and have a lasting impact on their knowledge. Creativity in responding and developing new solutions is critical to being a good and effective teacher. If the student is not responding to what the teacher is expecting, then it is upon the teacher to devise a solution, if not it is the teacher who is failing not the student! A teacher should not fear or hesitate to state they "do not know" to a students question. Instead, they should seize upon it as a learning opportunity for the student and themselves. The internet can now be utilized to give a dramatic and successful solution. First I use the feature screen share with my student. Next I google the question. We then read and study together the answer until both of us are satisfied that we have learned the correct answer to the question. This method also takes away any fear or hesitation upon the student to ask questions in class! Ah how I dream that if I were teaching a face to face classroom with more than a few students that the IWB would be the only and extreme teaching machine I would use! All of these points have brought me confidence and caring as a teacher. I realize that as I learn I can improve as a teacher. But above all, it is the love of the students, love of teaching, and the love of my learning that reigns in my heart, as it should in every teacher. In conclusion, I believe that after all is we the teachers who should thank and be grateful to the students! Because...the best way to learn is to teach, and I have learned much!