Teach English in Yanduhe Zhen - Enshi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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I reckon I am a lucky girl. Although I’ve encountered so many troubles and I will continue to meet new problems in the future .Right now ,I’m doing the job that I’m passionate about .Teaching English has made me more confident and let me find my position in the society. Back to school ,I was too shy to talk with strangers,especially boys.I was lack of courage and confidence to show myself in front of others. There were so many reasons why I was shy .The root was that there was nothing I was good at. But I have always loved the pronunciation of English .One day in colleague ,I decided to study English with all my efforts,though my major was marketing. At first I studied English secretly,because I was worried about what my classmates would think of me .Of course ,they found out eventually. It turned out that I worried too much .They told me it was a good thing to do and they admired that I had courage to do it . With their encouragement,I started to try to use English as much as possible ,even in front of the whole class .And I found a part-time job as an English tutor .My job was to help the students from primary school and middle school .It was not easy during then .Mainly because I was a green hand .The students were young learners who were usually lack of motivation to study .In order to get the students involved in my class ,I also learned to know about their personal traits ,interests and being a listener sometimes when they needed. The more I used,the more confident I became.Two years later , I felt it was much easier for me to talk in front of others.During then ,I knew I became more confident because of learning and teaching English . After I graduated,I was lost for a quiet long time. I didn’t know what I could do and what I was good at . I found a job in a company as receptionist.My work was simple . Mostly I just needed to answer the calls or copy the files.And to be honest,the salary wasn’t good .Every time when I stepped into the office,I felt like I couldn’t breathe .I knew it was not the job I wanted. Then why didn’t I try to find a job related to English.as I loved it so much . How lucky I was ! After I sent my resumes to a few companies .One of them gave me a chance to work as teaching assistant in their training school. My job was to help the teachers arrange the schedules and help the students with their homework after class. Being needed by the students gave me a huge desire to become an English teacher .Now I have been teaching for 5 years .I still remember the first year it was so much stressful .I was not just worried about teaching itself ,but also cared too much about how my students would judge me when I didn’t know the answers to their questions. Frankly speaking, during the first 2 years I wasn’t professional enough . But I enjoyed teaching English ,so I always planed my lessons in advance and tried to predicted the questions that the students might have . I love talking with my students and always think in their shoes. After I gained some experience, teaching became much more interesting. And I also met lots of terrific students.They gave me positive feedback when I taught them .They gave me understanding when I didn’t know how to answer the questions as well. I cherish what I have right now .I love English and teach English .Teaching English would be the only thing I want to do with my all my life .Being needed is what makes me feel content and valued. To become a better teacher , I would never stop learning and helping the students .