Teach English in Fengjia Zhen - Fuxin Shi

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Unit 12 is about how to teach productive skills which involve writing and speaking. I discovered that these two skills are equally important and should be equal treatment like listening and reading. Based on my synthesis of the previous and current topic, I found out that effective receptive practice has a positive bearing on productive skill. For example, good reading skill will lead to high writing skill while high listening practice will is likely to lead to effective speaking skill. Therefore, these skills are counter-productive and should be equally developed in schools. Accuracy and fluency are also learned in this topic. Accuracy is more focus on student's ability to use the language with a minimum errors while fluency focuses on how to students are nurtured to use language in their own creative way. As an emerging English Language teacher, I have noticed that the teacher has to control the students' language in the study phase. This is because it is the stage the students learn how to use the structure effectively. On the other hand, the activate stage requires the teacher to give let the students use the language outside the box of the learning topic. This means that students could be creative as much as they can to express themselves. For writing activity, it is important to let students know Punctuation, spelling, vocabulary when they are writing some information in English. For speaking, it is important to teach students to talk about the topic introduced. Teachers should choose the topic which students have interest in and should create a conducive learning environment for students to speak (E.g. for shy students or students who are scared to speak)or should create a corporate working environment. (E.g., pair and group learning activities). There are some suggested game activities which could be used to improve students writing and speaking skills. These include hangman, tongue twister, crosswords, jeopardy and so on. Students can interact with each other by having the above games to improve their speaking and writing skills.