Teach English in Fuxin Shi

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Teach English in Daban Zhen, Fuxin Shi
Encouraging speaking and comfort with a language is a balance between speaking correctly and speaking confidently enough to not worry about making to many mistakes
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Teach English in Dade Zhen, Fuxin Shi
I am happy to be able to know very important details of a lesson, never thought that speaking and writing were very important and how they influence the learning process
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Teach English in Fosi Zhen, Fuxin Shi
This lesson classifies writing and speaking as the main elements of Productive skills and clearly highlights their differences and how they can be applied in controlled ways in the classroom
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Teach English in Fuxin Zhen, Fuxin Shi
This unit same as the last one forced me to get creative about different games I use to play when I was child and how to use those games with the goal to teach English language in a very interesting and fun way
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Teach English in Fuxingdi Zhen, Fuxin Shi
In this Unit, we learned the productive skills which are speaking and writing, I think speaking focuses on fluency so we shouldn't correct the student's mistake on the spot, writing focuses on accuracy and it needs some guided and controlled practice, like drilling
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Teach English in Jiumiao Zhen, Fuxin Shi
Guided practice seems important to encourage less extroverted students to participate in speaking activities, as well as to ensure the lesson doesn't stray too far off topic
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