Teach English in Fosi Zhen - Fuxin Shi

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This lesson classifies writing and speaking as the main elements of Productive skills and clearly highlights their differences and how they can be applied in controlled ways in the classroom. Though both writing and speaking are different in many ways, both are used for the common purpose of communication and this is a relevant similarity worth noting. The lesson brings to light that as a teacher encouraging students to speak and write are very needful and it outlines some of the reasons why students are not motivated to speak in class which include lack of confidence. Motivation is therefore very important to ensure good productive skills as it builds up confidence in the students and lighten their interest in the lesson. The unit makes it known that it is vital to create the need and desire to communicate in the students and it elaborates the necessary factors to consider. Moreover in the speaking skills section of the unit, some accuracy and fluency activities are listed down and their differences are made clear. Accuracy activities concentrate on producing correct language whereas the fluency activities focus on allowing the students to be creative with the language. Many teachers disregard the writing skills of students and this unit outlines the need to pay attention to it. In grammar, vocabulary, spelling,handwriting, layouts and punctuations, written text project some differences which separates it from speaking.