Teach English in Hanjiadian Zhen - Fuxin Shi

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In this unit we considered such productive skills as speaking and writing. They are different in many ways, but both of them are used for communication. When a teacher introduces communicative activities to students, he should create their interest and desire, catch their interest. Also accuracy and fluency are important in all activities. Accuracy activities like drilling or model-dialogs are concentrated on using correct language and usually effective in Study phase of teaching. And fluency activities like discussions, free role-plays or debates let students be creative using language; they are more effective in Engage or Active phase. Talking about writing skills such factors as grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, handwriting are important. Games also can be used as activities for learning language if they are communicative or linguistic. They should be part of the syllabus but not just an amusement then they are good for learner of all ages.