Teach English in Jinjialing Nongchang - Hengyang Shi

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Imagine this, you walk into the classroom and your students don’t know you don’t know the students. You want to create an environment of safe learning, but you don’t know how. Well one of the things you can do to create this type of environment is by establish rapport with your students. When you establish rapport with your them you are creating a connection or relationship with them. When someone has rapport, they have a connection with someone else, a harmonious understanding. It could be with an individual or a group. Sometimes rapport can happen naturally but often it needs to be built up especially in the classroom. So why is it important to establish rapport? There are several reasons why an English instructor should establish rapport with students. Having rapport in the classroom creates higher motivation, a more comfortable environment for students and trust between peers and the teacher. Well why is important to establish student teacher rapport? Well, the first reason is that if you have rapport with your students, they will feel more comfortable in the classroom. If students feel more comfortable in the classroom then they are more likely to participate in discussions and lessons. They will be more eager to learn and feel safe in making mistakes and growing. There are many ways that a teacher can make students feel comfortable in the classroom. A simple way that you can make your students comfortable in the classroom is by smiling. There are also other ways in which the teacher can make the students feel more comfortable. The teacher can make students feel more comfortable by knowing their names and even some basic information about them. Also make sure the students know each other’s names and some information about each other. The teacher can have an icebreaking activity that allows them to slowly get to know one another. The teacher can personalize activities to the student’s surroundings and interests. Have students pair up in groups or in pairs that way they feel comfortable with one another. Having rapport in the classroom is one of the ways in which you can make students feel comfortable. Another reason to have rapport is because it creates trust between one another. The second reason why you should have rapport in your classroom is because it makes the teacher and the students trust one another. That is an important factor because the students are learning from you and they have to trust that you know what you are doing. If there is no trust than the students will be less motivated and less willing to listen to what you have to say. They will also be less willing to work with one another. As a teacher you want to be able to have a dialogue with the students. It takes time to establish trust with your students but in the long run it will make your life and the lives of the students even better. You can create rapport through trust by getting the students to help on another and by having them help one another. Once there is trust in the classroom it will be a lot easier for students to work together and come to you if there is a problem. Another thing that having rapport does is create a higher motivation for students to learn. The last reason why you should establish rapport in your classroom is because the students will have a higher motivation to learn. You as a teacher want all your students to succeed and have motivation. If none of the students have at least some motivation to learn than that could be a huge problem. You can help in motivating them by making opportunities for students to help one another. Make sure that when you make seating arrangements that you are aware of who does not get along with who. You could also use pair work or group work that way they are sharing ideas. The last way you could motivate students is just by being positive. Positivity helps in promoting motivation thereby establishing rapport. You can motivate them by being positive in everything you do! Encourage students to try things that might not be confident in doing. Once you do all these things your students will become more confident and motivated learners. Through this rapport will be established. The three reasons why you should establish rapport go hand in hand with one another. If the students trust you than they will also feel comfortable and will have a higher motivation to learn. Establishing rapport is an important part of teaching Englisha and should be a part of every class you come in contact with whether it be children or adults. Why not have rapport in the classroom?