Teach English in Longtang Zhen - Hengyang Shi

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What awaits us in the future? What will society look like in the future? What will it look like in 10 years? What will it look like in 100 years? Can you imagine a world without English? English has become a global language. This is an obvious fact. Its influence has grown exponentially in the world. Because of new technology, business, travel and the English language the world seems to have become smaller nowadays. Therefore, we can declare English as the language of the future world. The English language is spoken by over 600 million people from all over the world. Every year, more and more people, young and old, start learning English. Our modern society has a tendency towards globalization and therefore, it needs a global language to connect people, in all walks of life, wherever they live, regardless the official language of their countries. Why is English so popular? English did not become an international language at once. It started in the Seventeenth Century, when England transitioned from a conquered country and became a globe conquering empire. It was commonly claimed that “The sun never sets on the English Empire”. The English Royal Navy and merchant fleet became the most powerful fleet in the world, and almost all trading routes were controlled by the English Crown. Another reason is discovery of America and the predominant colonizing by England, the English language became the language to connect continents. The great part of the world’s territory, most of North America, Australia and many countries in Africa and Asia were under the power of the English Empire. The English language spread to all corners of the world. The establishment of trade relations between all parts of the world became one of the main objectives of the English Crown. The English travelled all over the world, carrying their culture, traditions and language. This is the reason English became wide spread in the past. In the modern world English has become even more popular for several reasons. First, English is the language of business. Many international companies employ English as an internal language, even though the company may be French, German or otherwise. A great number of business telephone conversations and commercial correspondence is conducted in English. Many corporations provide English learning courses for their company employees. Additionally, English is the language of the modern culture. Every year a huge number of film and songs are produced in English and distributed internationally. They can be used as a tool for learning English by people from different countries. English has also become a language of youth culture. American and English actors, songwriters, directors are world idols for many generations across the world. Finally, English is the language of IT, space and other technology. It is hard to live in our world without information access and a huge piece of that information is in English. English is a language of computers, aviation and international communication. In addition, English is a melodic, easy-to-learn language. It is understandable, logical and quite simple, but at the same time it is rich in expressions and words. English is the most popular language to study in schools and universities. The most prestigious higher educational establishments use English as the main language. It is connected with improves for a student after graduation. English is also a travelers’ language. Whatever country you go to, if you speak English, you can go there with confidence. English is a way to achieve professional goals and an access to a better future. It is a gateway to all the opportunities that the world offers.