Teach English in QishAn - Hengyang Shi

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I have always looked up to teachers regardless of the subject they master. Since we are kids, teachers become part of our lives at school. We become familiar with this role since we start attending school till we reach university and as students we were all at some point in front of different styles of teaching methods and personalities. Whether we feel or not comfortable with a teacher, they are there to educate and to share their knowledge. The role of a teacher has significantly changed along the years and as a result the role of the students also has been affected in someway.Teachers are part of our growth and development process which is very relevant to our lives. Kids are sent to school every day for long hours during many years, so they are present from the early stages of life along the years, which makes them a very important part of our lives and provide a great contribution to it. In my personal opinion and experience, teachers are models and an inspiration in some cases. I do have very strong and positive memories of some of them during my whole learning stages. They become a guide to our lives and our learning process. Thus,I do think the role they have in society is of great importance. In the past, teachers were more likely to provide us with information and we had to memorise it and then go thru tests, but during the last years, they have become more like a guide in learning , not only sharing or providing information but helping us learn, to participate,to acquire information and preparing us for life, work, etc. Going down to english teaching, every teacher has a unique style but there are some specific qualities required in order to make someone a good teacher. I will name some of them as follows: flexibility is very important when dealing with groups, and trying to adapt to the specific requirements of the group of students; organizational skills are required to make sure all needs are covered, such as writing , communication, speaking and listening skills ,they are all equally important.Patience is also a required quality when dealing with students and a very important one. Moreover, we need to be patience with students no matter the age range. Deep knowledge and passion is also key in this role, we need to know what we are teaching and also passion, from my point of view is a key to success.Teacher need to love their profession , and do it from the heart. We also have to encourage the students to learn and there are different ways and resources to do so. William.B.Yeats wrote “ Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”. We need to light the flame for students to be always willing to learn and enjoy what they are acquiring as knowledge, inspiring them to create the future they wish to have. In addition, Teachers need to know how to communicate the information and get a clear message to the students ,so communication skills are vital in this role. The process of teaching, should also be a win-win situation, where not only students learn but we also learn from them on how to become better as teachers. Sense of humor is not less important, makes the lessons motivational and enjoyable for all, learning while having fun. Even more in business teaching, students are working all day and the english class should be a moment of relaxation , learning and having fun at the same time. Last but not least, confidence and Leadership are also important when it comes to class management. In conclusion, I do believe that some people are born to teach, but some other qualities are also learned with time and experience. We also need to be up to date with teaching methodologies and technological advances throughout the years.