Teach English in Renyi Zhen - Hengyang Shi

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Today, learning English seems like a good way for all people to enhance a piece of knowledge not only inside but also in other countries worldwide. Most people tend to learn English which is a major social necessity. Especially, students learning a new language from the young ages are pretty hard for them; consequently, it causes an increasing number of students who are under more pressure in order to absorb this subject in both school and home. In this essay, the possible solutions to tackle this problem will be discussed in detail. To begin with, teaching techniques should be created to be more interesting for learners. Generally, students must accomplish a number of tasks in class and do their homework as much as possible in traditional classes. Furthermore, students are likely to learn the boring courses resulting in student’s depression when trying to learn. That is why lectures should replace teaching methods in the classroom to help students feel more comfortable. There was a concentration on an Engage-Study-Active method which is probably the most effective of all methodologies. Fun activities should be applied in the Engage part to create an exciting feeling such as games, interesting pictures, videos, stories, music, and so on. Besides, teachers can teach the knowledge from easy points to harder things and surely their students have a deep understanding what the teacher conveys in the Study part. Then, students are able to practice all the tasks correctly and do not feel bored anymore in the Active part. Secondly, in addition to learning English at school, students’ parents can turn English subject into students’ interest in their life. In fact, most parents normally have an over-expectation from their children to achieve higher social status than they did. Therefore, they force children to focus harder on learning English all the time that is likely not a good support, irrespective of the children’s needs for relaxation or other outdoor activities. The important thing is that parents do not put pressure on their children and try to make an English environment around them like sticking pretty English stories in their bad room, buying English comic books for their children reading instead of mother language books, watching English cartoon movies together, playing English games with their children, joining several summer camps in the English center and other English-related activities. Eventually, the above activities can help their offspring have a positive feeling of learning this language. The final resolution of being nerve-racking for cramming this subject is that a goal-setting will be clear for students in the short-term plan as well as the long-term target. Most students learning English have no enough reason to learn, just because this language is so popular in the world and millions of people use it. Thereby, the following purpose perhaps is a motivated way of learning English. For example, if a student would like to go abroad in the United State that is a long-term plan, this should be a long time to prepare for this journey. To support this goal, teachers need to create each process for students following. Because the English language has two essential skills including receptive skills and productive skills, these two skills are equally learnt every week by students. Similarly, students have to learn from basic knowledge to more significant resources so that students are capable of gaining the goal in a step-by-step technique easily without any stress. All in all, there have been many hard issues for learning a new language causing stress in student’s study so that some above methods partly cope with these difficult problems. From my point of view, it is so vital for teachers to support their students on the way in order to conquer this beautiful language. As a result, a number of good methods ought to be applied to students’ educational systems, especially teaching English skills at school.